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Ongoing First Set Classes
Taught by Bob and his partner, Jeanne Courtney

Monday Evenings, 7:15 - 8:45, Sacramento
The Yoga Solution
5290 Elvas Avenue

First Sundays of Each Month, Vallecito
Foothills Sangha Center
Camp Nine Road (Off Parrott's Ferry)

Advanced First Set
First Saturdays of Each Month
Prerequisite: completion of 1 year of First Set
Wen Wu School
10124 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito CA 94530
Contact: 510-524-1057 •

Other Dayan Qigong Classes
You can find a class near you
with a teacher trained by Master Hui Liu
by visiting


Lenox, MA: Annual 5-day Intensive

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Program: Mindfulness in Motion
Last retreat January 27-February 1st, 2019
Dates of 2020 retreat TBA: Contact:

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Book and DVD

Available from Wen Wu School


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Stand with both feet shoulder width apart. Tip of tongue touches upper palate very gently. Eyes open, “gazing far, seeing nothing.”Feet parallel, weight evenly distributed between left and right foot. • Let weight of body go through feet to floor. • Allow bones of body to bear the weight while muscles relax. • Each spinal vertebra supported by bone below it while supporting bone above it, allowing back, neck muscles to relax • Allow muscles of face to soften • Let fingers relax; open spaces between fingers

Gather self to self
Concentrate on laogong near center of palm.
Turn hands so palms face forward.
Scoop palms to forehead (upper dantien) by raising hands and arms, bending elbows.

Settling Down
Hands sink gradually down the midline, close to but not touching the body
fingers are spread; elbows are raised so fingers point toward each other (elbows are

As hands sink down, mind follows within.
From upper dantien,
laogong descends past face to heart area (middle dantien)
Continuing down to the lower sentient (center of gravity around the area of the navel)

Pause at lower dantien

Let hands come the rest of the way down, around to the side & relax..
Bring feet together.
Pause before resuming regular activity.