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Dayan Qigong includes several sets of 64 movements and also warm-up exercises, acupressure massage, and meditation.

Qigong promotes wellness by promoting the healthy functioning of the acupuncture meridians - removing blockages and improving the flow of qi, "vital energy." Qigong is a generic term which simply means "qi practice." By addressing the whole person, harmonizing body and mind, it plays a vital role in both traditional and modern Chinese medicine.

Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong is one of the most ancient qigong. Legend has it that around 350 C,E. Dao An, an adept in Taoism and a key figure in Buddhism's journey to China, created the practice to improve the physical health and improve the meditation abilities of his temple's monks.

Over the centuries Dayan Qigong was preserved during times of oppression secretly, passed down face-to-face from master to disciple. After the Cultural Revolution in China, Grandmaster Yang Meijun decided to make it available to the public. She entrusted Master Hui Liu, who she called "my American daughter," to teach the form to Westerners. Over the past 30 years, Master Liu has devoted herself to this task at the Wen Wu school in California. Master Liu has asked Bob to carry on her legacy.

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Grandmaster Yang Meijun
Still practicing - 101 years old

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Introduction to Qigong

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Bob doing standing meditation
(Move 48 - Hold the Qi)

Introduction to Qigong

Dayan Qigong teachers

Bob Demonstrates Qigong (Excerpts)